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Company Information

Private Company Information

Private company information can be difficult to find. Because private companies are not required by law to release any information to the public, there is often a limited amount of information available about them. Articles in trade journals and business newspapers are often the best sources of information on private companies.

News Sources

Why use articles?

Companies are often covered to a greater extent in their "hometowns" or in cities where they have extensive operations. Local newspapers may cover financial news, expansions (i.e. a new headquarters or the opening of a new manufacturing facility), charitable activities, and even corporate officers in greater detail than might be found in more general national newspapers and magazines. 

When conducting company research, in order to have the most complete view of a company, including who they are "where they live," be sure to perform several searches in local publications.

Tips for Researching Private Companies

If your project's company is a smaller, local company it may not be in some of the larger business databases. Here are strategies you can use to find information:

  1. Search the company's website
  2. Search databases that have some private company information, such as:
  3. Consider using a similar public company as a proxy
    • By researching a company that is similar to your own you may be able find analysis that explain key issues that could be affecting your project's company including opportunities and threats, consumer trends, and issues affecting the supply chain.
  4. Look for news articles