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Changes to Streaming Media

Changes to Streaming Media Service

If you have any videos that are streaming from Cline Library’s Flash Media Server, these videos will no longer function as of May 18, 2018. 

Flash is no longer being supported, and all streaming media are now being delivered through the Kaltura Video Platform. All Cline Library streaming media are being transferred over to the Kaltura platform. For any current or future courses where you will rely on copying content from a past course shell, please note that you must update all of the streaming media in your Blackboard course shells if you want to avoid having any broken links in your classes.

YouTube or other external video services will not be affected.

Replacing Your Old Flash Videos

If you plan to copy content from a previous course shell, please make sure any Flash content gets replaced with the more stable and “permanent” Kaltura videos.

How to tell if your video is Flash or Kaltura

  • Thumbnail image. If your video has a thumbnail image, then it is probably in Kaltura.  The old Flash videos did not have thumbnails.Thumbnail image
  • Hover over video and look for the word Kaltura in the URL that shows up at the bottom of your browser.   kaltura highlighted in the status bar
  • Edit File. You can choose Edit File from the drop down menu next to any video in BbLearn. Kaltura videos specifically say “Kaltura Media Content” on the Update Mashup Item page. Flash videos, on the other hand, have the .html extension in the File Name.

Once you discover which items need to be replaced, there are two options for replacing the content.

  1. You can add Kaltura videos yourself (see instructions below).
  2.  Email Course Reserves with the course and folder/module information where your old Flash videos appears, and we will help you with the replacements.

Adding Kaltura Videos in Bb Learn:

  • Go to the folder in Bb Learn where you want to add a video. 
  • Make sure Edit Mode is set to “ON.” (You must be a designer in the course.) 
  • Choose Kaltura Media from the Build Content menu. 
  • Switch to the Shared Repository tab.
  • Use the Search Media box to search for the video by title, library call number, instructor’s last name or course abbreviation (e.g. ES 150). 
  • Click Select next to the video you want to add.
  • Give the video a Title.  

Note: If this is a replacement, don’t forget to Delete the old file after you have added the new one.