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HS 390W: Current Health Issues for Betty Brown

Why think about contrasting viewpoints?

Examination of different viewpoints promotes an enhanced perspective and comprehension of the subject or issue of concern. Presenting contrasting viewpoints can result in a moderation of attitudes or a depolarization of a very contentious issue.
Discussion of contrasting viewpoints in Public Health does not end after graduation. Your critical thinking skills are necessary for interacting with medical professionals, patients, and supervisors who may have contrasting viewpoints. You will have to be able to review information to determine what is relevant to the professional situation.

What contrasting viewpoints are and are not

What they are not:

  • A pro/con essay
  • One side is right and one side is wrong
  • A summary of information available
  • A summary of opinions and reflections

What they:

  • A look at each viewpoint on a topic using credible sources of information
  • An analysis of an evidence based decision on an issue