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WGS300w: Feminist Theories

Use this guide throughout your research-focused coursework for WGS300w

Your Research Log

Please use one of the above links to access the research log you'd like to use. They are all the same but I've provided them in various document types to allow you to choose the one that works best for you. Using the PDF version will allow you to write your log by hand.

Purpose: The purpose of the research log is to help you document your research process. By using a detailed system to keep track of details, you can help uphold your academic integrity and avoid frustration of trying to figure out where information you found came from later on. It will help you dive deeper into research as you locate additional authors and key voices in the realm of feminist theory.

Content: Your research log helps you document and organize information according to source and type of information but it is also the best place for notes, quotes, and conversations that you encounter throughout your research process. Zotero can further help you stay organized.

Format: There are many examples of research logs on the internet. Some people prefer handwritten logs (or note cards) and others like a digital version that they can copy, paste, and rewrite into their paper when it is time to write. You may try this format and decide it's not for you, but developing one that works and is consistent will provide the structure you need to do in-depth, academic research.