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CCC English 102 Raisin in the Sun

Guide for students in English 102 researching historical and biographical contexts of A Raisin in the Sun.

English 101 Historical Analysis Research Assignment

In this guide you'll find links to various research resources to help you track down sources for a historical analysis of A Raisin in the Sun. Use the menu on the left to move between sections. On this first page you'll find some recommended eBooks that are part of our CREDO database, as well as tips for finding more background information.

Finding Background Information

Look for background information in a general reference source, like CREDO, which is available through our library. Try the keywords below, but don't be afraid to try keywords you come with on your own. I left obvious things out, like Lorraine Hansberry and Raisin in the Sun.

  • housing segregation
  • african americans real estate
  • blockbusting
  • public housing
  • african american theater

Get started by searching CREDO, our online database of encyclopedias and reference books:

Credo Logo

Searching CREDO

CREDO Reference is a great place to start your research: it contains thousands of reference books and can provide background information on pretty much any general topic. It's a bit like Wikipedia, but it only contains published, academic sources.

Start with a general search--if you get too many results, try narrowing by subject. 

citation icon


Look for the quotation mark icon at the top right of an article page--this will generate a citation for you to copy and paste into your reference page. 

If you're still unsure about what precise topic you'll be researching, or even if you've made up your mind, take a moment to search for your topic as a "Mind Map" search. This will display a web of topics related to the one your searched, so you can see the full context, similar words, and ramifications of your issue. Mind map screenshot








The mind map results show a cluster of subjects/issues that you can explore further. Click on one of the subjects on the map and it re-orient to focus on that subject. Click on a subject in the righthand sidebar to see the article for that subject.