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CTE 340W: Research and Development in Career and Technology Education

Tips and recommendations for locating articles on career and technical educaiton

Peer review in 3 minutes

You might be asked to cite scholarly or peer-reviewed articles for your papers or projects. These terms are often used interchangeably, but they amount to much the same thing. A scholarly journal is one that contains articles authored by experts and reviewed by other experts. The article will be published only if it passes this peer review process. The "peers" who evaluate articles before they are published are called referees; sometimes you will hear the phrase refereed journal rather than peer-reviewed journal -- don't worry, they mean the same thing.

How to find peer-reviewed articles

Many of our databases have a limit function that narrows your search to journals that are peer reviewed.

Try a search in Quick Search and use the "Peer Reviewed Journals" limit function on the left.

Characteristics of a peer review journal

Typically, peer-review journals: 

  • Are aimed towards scholars and specialists
  • Authors are specialists in the field & usually have a PhD
  • Content consists of research results, case studies, clinical studies, etc.
  • Cites sources
  • Can be difficult to understand due to jargon

Examples of education & CTE related journals: