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HS 404: Principles of Epidemiology

Use this guide to access resources for research in Health Sciences. Contact a librarian for advanced research assistance.

Writing an Annotation

There are several types of annotations:  summary, evaluative, critique, or a combination of types. 

In general, since you are collecting resources to discover background information about a disease, you'll want to write a summary of each resource. 

The annotation will include the full APA citation and then three to five sentences summarizing the main points of the article.  You will also want to include one to two sentences that state why you are including this resource in your annotated bibliography. 

Formatting the Annotated Bibliography in APA

  • At the top of the paper type "References" (do not include the quotes). 
  • The word References should be centered. 
  • Double space the entire document. 
  • For each resource (article, website, etc.), include the full APA citation and the annotation.