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PR 371--Public Relations Case Studies & Research

Identifying a problem

1) Think about an issue that can harm a company's image and reputation. Some examples are:

  • Safety recalls
  • Workplace safety
  • Child labor practices
  • Labor Practices
  • Environmental issues
  • Health issues
  • Tax evasion 
  • Political stances


1a) Select a company you are interested in and see if they have been involved in any controversy.


1b) Do a very general Google search for "public relations" and "crisis" or "controversy"


2) Search Google using either an issue or a company name and a term such as "scandal" or "controversy" or "crisis." 

3) Scan results to find a scandal in which you are interested and get some background on the issue. Note any unique terms that may be used in reporting of the issue. 

Finding Academic Articles

Finding News Articles

Company Information