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A Guide to Theatre Research

Encyclopedias and Quick Reference

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Literature (General). Drama: PN1600-3307

  • Drama. History: PN 1720-1861
  • Dramatic representation. The Theater: PN2000-3307
  • By time period: PN2131-2193
  • Collections of General Literature. Drama: PN6110.5-6120

English Literature: PR

  • Drama History and Criticism: PR621-739
  • Drama Collections: PR1241-1273
  • Authors: PR1490-6126

American Literature: PS

  • Drama History and Criticism: PS330-352
  • Drama Collections: PS623-635
  • Authors: PS700-3626

Music: M

  • History and Criticism: ML 159-360 (arranged by special time periods and then by country)
  • Musical Theater: MT955-956

Book Searches

To search for a book:

  1. Go to Cline Library's home page.
  2. If you are searching for a specific book, enter the title into the Quick Search box. If you want books on a topic, enter the topic into the Quick Search box.
  3. Using the limiters on the left-hand side, select Books located under Material Type. You may need to select Show More to see books.
  4. If you are looking for a specific book, and you don't see it, use the box on the left to Expand My Results. If you find your book, you'll probably need to click Request it to obtain it through Cline Library's Document Delivery Service. It usually takes a week or two to arrive, sometimes longer.
  5. If you only want to see what is currently available in the library, click Available in Library under View Only

If Cline Library has the book, the call number is located at the bottom of the record.

Book record

Note that often the library has multiple editions of the same book, these will be grouped together under the heading Multiple Versions.