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CENE 150 Introduction to Environmental Engineering

A guide for CENE 150 students to help with their essays and video presentation using library resources

About the Studios

The library's three production studios offer specialized hardware and software for recording and editing multimedia projects. Each production studio can be reserved online for up to two hours per day. Most production studios can accommodate two students while Production Studio 1 is a larger space and can accommodate groups of six.

Visit to reserve one of our production studios for your group today. 


These studios are ideal for:

Recording audio, editing multimedia projects with advanced software, reviewing your project as a small group.


These studios include:

  • 27" iMac desktop/Dell PC
  • Rode microphones
  • Advanced editing software
  • Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Blender
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 
  • Adobe Premiere Pro and iMove (video editing)
  • Adobe Audition and Audacity (audio editing)

Studio Tour

Using the Studios

Before you Begin

  1. Visit the library's Ask Us! Desk to confirm your reservation and check out a key to the Studio.
  2. Please maintain an acceptable volume, this space is NOT soundproof.
  3. This studio has a variety of professional-grade software to support audio recording, video editing, and digital graphics creation. This studio is not meant as a study room.
  4. If you need assistance learning to use the software in this studio you may schedule a consultation with library staff by visiting:
  5. If you notice any issues with the hardware in this room, please alert library staff.

Before you Leave

  1. Properly log off of the production studio computer station.
  2. Turn off all audio equipment and display monitors.
  3. Return all furniture and equipment to its original state as when you entered. 
  4. Be sure to collect all of your personal belongings, supplies, and any trash.
  5. Turn off the studio lights and lock the door as you exit.
  6. Return the Production Studio key to the Ask Us! Desk.

Thank you for using the Production Studio!