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There are now two versions of RefWorks

New RefWorks

New RefWorks

For users new to RefWorks or ready to make the switch from Legacy Refworks
First time users of New RefWorks will have to create a new account.

New RefWorks Login

Legacy Refworks

Legacy RefWorks

The version of RefWorks you are used to.  Do not select this version if you are new to RefWorks.
There is  no set date for legacy to be retired.

Legacy RefWorks Login

Which should I choose?

Choose New RefWorks if you:

  • Have never used RefWorks before or only sparingly in the past
  • Dislike the layout/usability of Legacy RefWorks
  • Currently use Legacy RefWorks but would like to try out the features of New RefWorks
  • Were a Flow user

Choose Legacy RefWorks if you:

  • Use the current version of RefWorks frequently and do not want to switch to New RefWorks yet
  • Currently use Legacy RefWorks, are leaving NAU soon and do not see yourself using RefWorks in the future.
  • Want to wait until additional features are added to New RefWorks

Citations from Legacy RefWorks can be imported into New RefWorks. Currently, you are able to use both versions at the same time.  Using New RefWorks does not affect your Legacy RefWorks account.

See the New RefWorks Help section for help creating an account or transferring citations from Legacy RefWorks to New RefWorks