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A Guide to Economics Research

How is the Library Organized

Searching for Books

Step One: Click on the Books tab.

You can find the Books tab on the Library's homepage.

Step Two: Search Cline Library's Catalog.

In the top search box, enter one or more keywords that describe your topic. Hint: It is best to keep your search simple to find books since books are written at a fairly general level. Use only your most important topic words and not a full sentence or question. If you are not finding any results on your topic, try different keywords, or Ask Us!.

Requesting Items Cline Library Does Not Own

Need a book, article or video that Cline Library doesn't have access to? Try Document Delivery!

 Cline Library's Document Delivery Service, also known as our Request Materials service, means our library will obtain materials like articles and books from other libraries and provide them to you at no cost to you!.

  • When you click the "Request Materials" link, you'll be prompted to log in with your Louie credentials.

Tips for finding print books on the shelf

When you find a print book of interest, note three things in the record:

  1. Location. Most books are in the "Book Stacks" which means they are on a shelf on one of the floors of the library (see map below).
  2. Call number (Call #). The call number is the book's address on the shelf. . If the Call Number starts with the letter A-L and N-P it will be located on the 3rd floor. If the call number begins with letter M or Q-Z it will be located on the 1st floor.
  3. Status. The status indicates whether the book is checked out by someone. If so, you'll see a due date in the status field.

Also look at the subject headings assigned to the book; you might find it useful to click on these headings to find similar books on your topic.

Location, call# and status of a book

Need help understanding call numbers?

Here's some help from the University of Alaska. Something special to note about call numbers is that they are arranged in such a way that books on similar topics will be found near each other on the shelf. So when you find your book, browse around the shelf nearby to see if you find anything else of interest.