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Research Guide for CUPI Pod Exploring Weatherization Efficiency and Rebates

Database to search:

1. Google and Google Advanced Search (Using Google Advanced Search allows you to limit to a domain.)

2. Google Scholar 

3. Quick Search - This is the search box on Cline Library's home page. When you run searches, make sure you use the option on the left to Expand My Results:


4. EBSCO Databases - There are several databases from this company that will be useful to search. You can search them individually or all at once. Here are the links to search them individually:

To search them all at once, click on any one of them above, then click Choose Databases:

And then select everything if you like, or else choose the individual databases listed above.

5. Agricultural and Environmental Science Collection 

6. Web of Science - This is an excellent, multi-disciplinary database of (mostly) peer-reviewed articles.

7. Dissertations and Theses