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Upward Bound Year 2: Website for Climate Change Organization

Use Quick Search to find sources

Quick Search is the search box on Cline Library's home page!

Try the same searches you used for Google and Google Scholar:

General searches on climate change:

  • climate arizona 
  • "climate change" arizona
  • "climate change" [city] 
  • You might also try: "climate change" southwest  or "climate change" american southest

Searches on aspects of climate change:

  • drought Arizona
  • water supply Arizona
  • forest fires Arizona
  • wildfires Arizona
  • wildland fires Arizona
  • Carbon Arizona
  • CO2 Arizona
  • etc -- the searches above are just a few examples of what you could search for!

Variations on these searches:

  • add the word "climate" to the searches above
  • instead of using Arizona as a keyword, put in a specific city name

You may want to use the refinements available in Quick Search to limit by date or publication type!