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Institute for Native-Serving Educators (INE)

Education Research and Curriculum Planning

Databases to search:

ERIC Education Literature (EBSCO)

Provides comprehensive access to education-related literature, including citations to articles and research reports. Includes some fulltext.

Education Full Text
A database of education publications covering a wide range of topics, including continuing education, literacy standards, multicultural education, and much more.

Academic Search Complete
Academic Search Complete is multi-disciplinary database that includes peer-reviewed journal articles, magazine articles, newspaper articles, and more.

JSTOR This link opens in a new window
Database of articles from scholarly journals spanning the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

Google Scholar

Search the web for articles, books, theses, and other sources spanning many disciplines. Many results will be from scholarly sources.    Access full-text articles from your search by selecting the FullText@NAU link. To see the FullText@NAU links in Google Scholar from any computer anywhere, link your Google Scholar account to NAU.