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The Studios

Your complete how-to guide for enjoying the Cline Library's multimedia Studios.

Recommended XR Creation Apps

Google Tour Creator

Google Tour Builder Logo

  • Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality
  • Free; requires Google account
  • Create 360˚ VR tours
    • Created from Google Maps or 360˚ images
    • Can include points of interest, text, images, audio, and narration
  • View in XR using Expeditions App (free)
  • Ideal for: Tours, virtual field trips, lessons related to geography, history, architecture, etc.

View example tours at:



Assemblr EDU Logo

  • Augmented Reality
  • Free basic account
  • AR content paired with QR codes
    • Content can include 3D objects, text, images, YouTube videos, and notes
    • Display content by scanning QR Codes
  • View in AR using the AssemblrEDU App (free); Create classes and add students
  • Ideal for: Group experiences, activity stations, scavenger hunts, lessons related to any subject




Metaverse Logo

  • Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality
  • Free; requires Metaverse account
  • Storyboards of connected scenes
    • Scenes can include 3D characters, dialogue, sounds, audio, buttons, webpages, YouTube videos, quizzes polls, and more
    • Scenes are connected via buttons & logic
  • View in AR using the Metaverse App (free)
  • Ideal for: Interactive activities, educational games, quizzes, knowledge-based escape rooms, lessons related to any subject



CoSpaces Logo

  • Virtual Reality
  • Free basic account
  • Virtual spaces filled with content
    • Spaces can include 3D models, images, videos, audio
    • Scenes can be navigated
  • View in VR using the CoSpaces App (free)
  • Ideal for: Creative spaces for storytelling, virtual lessons in any subject

View example spaces at: