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The Studios

Your complete how-to guide for enjoying the Cline Library's multimedia Studios.

About the Studio

The library's Virtual Reality Learning Studio is a place to learn and explore in immersive environments using the latest virtual reality technologies. The VR Studio has three VR consoles equipped with Oculus Rift headsets, large monitors for spectator viewing, and a wide selection of apps for teaching, learning, gaming, and exploring virtual environments. Explore the world with Google Earth VR, create amazing works of art with Tilt Brush, or play an immersive game like Beat Saber. NAU and CCC students, staff, and faculty are permitted to reserve one console within this shared space for up to two hours per day.

Visit to reserve a VR console today. 


This studio includes:

  • 3 Oculus Rift VR consoles
  • 55" LCD viewing screens
  • ADA compliant console
  • Ambient lighting
  • Secure lockers

Studio Tour

Using the Studio

Before you Begin

  1. Visit the library's Ask Us! Desk to confirm your reservation and check out a key to the Studio.
  2. If you brought personal items, you may secure them using the lockers provided.
    • These lockers allow you to create your own locker code – no key is required.
  3. If necessary, turn on your VR station display using the panel near the entry door.
  4. Log in to your VR station using the username and password provided on your key.
  5. Once loaded, locate and open the Oculus App from the desktop.
  6. Place the controller straps over your wrists and grip the controllers (see instructions).
  7. Face the display and place the Oculus headset over your head; adjust as needed.

During your Experience

  1. Be aware of your surroundings; this is a shared space and other users may be present.
  2. For your safety, stay within the play area marked in tape on the floor around you.
  3. Be careful to avoid hitting furniture or other users with your hands and arms.
  4. Please maintain an acceptable volume, this space is NOT soundproof.

In the event you feel ill or disoriented REMOVE YOUR HEADSET and take a break!

Before You Leave

  1. Delete any programs or files that you downloaded or saved during your session.
  2. Properly close all Oculus apps and log off of the VR station computer.
  3. Wipe down the Oculus headset with the sanitary wipes provided (white cabinet).
  4. Place the Oculus headset on the hook provided and tidy up your VR station.
  5. Be sure to collect all of your personal belongings, supplies, and any trash.
  6. Return the Oculus controllers and VR Studio key to the Ask Us! Desk.

Thank you for using the Virtual Reality Studio!