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The Studios

Your complete how-to guide for enjoying the Cline Library's multimedia Studios.

About the Studio


The Cline Library's Photography Studio allows you to take professional, studio-quality photos using our multi-function lighting and equipment setup (digital camera not included). Individual students or groups of up to 6 people can shoot portrait or still life photography using one of our three lighting stations. 

Visit to reserve the Photography Studio today. 


This studio is ideal for:

Group, portrait, and product photography.



This studio includes:

  • CowboyStudio 3-Light Studio
  • Fotodiox Pro Table Top Studio
  • 47" LCD screen with HDMI
  • Standard backdrop set
  • Green screen capabilities

Studio Tour

Using the Studio

Before you Begin

  1. Visit the library's Ask Us! Desk to confirm your reservation and check out a key to the Studio.
  2. Please note that digital cameras are not provided in this studio. If you need a camera you can check one out from the library’s Ask Us! Desk (availability is limited).
  3. Multiple photographic backdrops and clamps are provided. Please feel free to switch out the backdrop to suit your needs, but please remember to neatly fold and secure any unused backdrops and accessories.
  4. This studio also offers the Fotodiox Pro “Studio-in-a-Box” and Smith-Victor Desktop Studio Kit which are ideal for still life and product photography. Please use caution as these items can get hot.

During your Experience

  1. Start with one light; from there you can add more to act as fill, hair lights, or reflectors.
  2. Gold umbrellas will add more heavily contrasting light; white will add muted light.
  3. Need more contrast? Move the umbrella lights further away from your subject.
  4. Move your lights around between sequences for added variety in your images.
  5. Use the green screen background to edit your backgrounds using Adobe Photoshop.
  6. Saving images as a “raw” file format makes them ideal for Photoshop editing.
  7. And please, maintain an acceptable volume level; this space is NOT soundproof.

Before you Leave

  1. Properly fold and secure all backdrops and other supplies used during your session.
  2. Turn off all umbrella lights (3), studio box lights (3), and viewing monitor (1).
  3. Return all furniture and equipment to its original state as when you entered. 
  4. Be sure to collect all of your personal belongings, supplies, and any trash.
  5. Turn off the studio lights and lock the door as you exit.
  6. Return the Photography Studio key to the Ask Us! Desk.

Thank you for using the Photography Studio!