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Upward Bound Year 2: Website for Climate Change Organization

QUIZ 1: What is an academic library?!?!?!

What is an academic library? Pick the FIVE best answers from the choices below!

A. The same as a campus library

B. Different from a public library

C. A good place to study

D. A type of guinea pig

E. A good place to search for information sources for college assignments

F. A good place to complain about various thing while also having a snack

QUIZ 2: What do academic librarians do?!??!

Librarians who work at Cline Library spend their time doing what? Pick the ONE best answer!

A. Organizing and shelving books

B. Fixing jammed printers

C. Helping students find information sources for their research projects

D. Making the library seem vital and alive

Librarians at Cline Library are experts at what? Pick the TWO best answers!

A. Knitting hats gloves and scarves for the winter

B. Knowing how to search databases with really good keywords

C. Knowing how to search databases with really bad keywords

D. Roller-derby and snowboarding

Because librarians are experts at knowing where and how to find information, they can help you find sources even if they don't have expert knowledge on the topic you are researching. Pick the ONE best answer:

A. True

B. False

C. Baby mice

D. Frontage road