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Art History Research and Discovery Guide

Special thanks to Becky Pratt-Sturges as co-creator of this research guide

Welcome Art History Students: Guide for students in art history classes in the department of Comparative Cultural Studies


Welcome Art History Students!

This guide is designed to assist students for research in art history. You may use the pages on this guide to learn about:

  • Searching for books and articles in the Cline Library catalog
  • Finding peer-reviewed articles in databases and journals
  • Discovering public scholarship about art history online and other Open Access Materials
  • Finding images and other useful sites about art history
  • How to write about art

In addition to these resources, Cline Library also has a robust collection of oversize art books, a treasure hidden at the back of the first floor.

What you will find in this guide

In the side tabs you will be able to navigate and explore various resources on Art History. 

You will find Cline Library resources, free online resources including Open Access materials, a comprehensive list of online digital museum collections as well as open access books.