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PBC Physician Assistant: PA Resources

Melissa L. Johnson - Phoenix Biomedical Campus
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Use the tabs above to explore physician assistant resources through NAU Libraries.

Resources below organized by McMaster's 6S levels of evidence pyramid (see box on the left). Hover over  for details.

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Regularly updated clinical guidelines that integrate evidence-based information about specific clinical problems.

Types of resources: Practice guidelines, clinical reviews, and clinical summaries


A comprehensive summary of all the evidence surrounding a specific research question, commonly seen as systematic reviews.

Types of studies: Systematic reviews, meta-analyses


Summarized evidence from high-quality studies.

Types of studies: Practice guidelines, systematic reviews, and RCTs with quality ratings based on study methodology.


Original research conducted to answer specific questions.

Types of studies: Case series, case reports, case control, cohort, RCTs, qualitative studies, and more.

(These resources also contain syntheses such as systematic reviews and meta-analyses.)

About PA eBooks:

  • Access on or off campus!
  • Best used to cite background information on PA topics.
  • Hover over a title to read its contents.
  • The ebooks listed below are just a sample of NAU Libraries' ebook collection. Search below for additional titles.
  • Read additional PA ebooks through U of A Libraries (on-campus access only).
  Read e-books and e-textbooks available through NAU:

About PA Books:

  • Best used to cite background information on PA topics.  
  • Hover over a title to read its contents.
  • Check books out for 4 weeks with your PBC badge at the front desk.
  • The PA books below are just a sample of all of the PA books shelved in PBC Library.  Search for additional titles below.

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About the anatomical models:

  • Available during staffed hours for in-library use only.
  • Some are stored on the shelf, while others are in a backroom; see library staff for assistance.
  • Check out models with library staff before and after use.  

Available models:

Brain 4-part (4 copies)

Brain Ventricle (4 copies)

Ear Model (1 copy)

Ear, 3 times life-size, 6-part (4 copies)

Eye, 5 times full-size, 12-part (1 copy)

Eye, 5 times full-size, 6-part (3 copies)

Female Pelvis, 6-parts (1 copy)

Foot Skeleton (2 copies)

Foot Skeleton Model (2 copies)

Functional Larynx, 2.5 times full-size (2 copies)

Functional Shoulder Joint (4 copies)

Hand Skeleton Model (4 copies)

Heart model 5-part on base (3 copies)

Heart Model enlarged about 2 times (2 copies)

Knee Joint (1 copy)

Larynx, 2 times full-size (2 copies)

Life-size Auditory Ossicles (1 copy)

Liver with Gall Bladder (4 copies)

Median Section of the Head (4 copies)

Nose with Paranasal Sinuses (2 copies)

Rear Organs Upper Abdomen (4 copies)

Shoulder Joint (4 copies)

Sinus Model (1 copy)

Skull with Facial Muscles (4 copies)

Spinal Cord with Nerve Endings (4 copies)

Spine with Femur Heads, Flexible (1 copy)

Torso-Dual Sex (1 copy)

Torso-Dual Sex, Female Sex Organs (1 copy)

Torso-Dual Sex, Male Sex Organs (1 copy)

Torso-Unisex, Open Neck and Back, 18-part (1 copy)